NicTaylor00 11 May 2018

Ruger SR22 16+1 High Capacity Magazine Kit

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This magazine upgrade you will get an additional round in the Wingman kit. It allows for a 16th round in the magazine plus 1 in the chamber for 17 rounds in the gun. Additionally, our follower locks the slide back on last shot fired unlike the stock Wingman kit. Since the button on the factory magazine is removed when upgrading the magazine, the function of locking the slide open on the last shot fired is lost. The button on the side of the factory magazine is used to actuate the slide lock feature on the gun. This follower is designed to catch the bolt/slide itself and thus lock the slide back/open. This technique is used frequently on AR15 22lr conversion kits.

This kit come with follower and increased power magazine spring. This modification is not permanent and easily installs in minutes. YOU WILL ONLY GET 16 ROUNDS IN THE MAG WITH THIS KIT IF YOU HAVE THE WINGMAN. IT ONLY ADDS 2 ROUNDS TO FACTORY MAGAZINES.

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noel 2 months ago

Avoid all that BS and keep the original 10 rd mag. Why make more headaches.

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Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem 6 months ago

3 Months ago I saw this So 2 months ago I finally got this spring & follower But after taking this Out I found the Wingman gives me 15+1 So after the 2 months I had the Wingman 2 for $22. bucks I Don't Need your 16+1 Spring & Follower Especially for the Extra $24. some odd Dollers

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Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem 9 months ago

AngryEagle ,,, The Like button is Under the RED SUB Sign

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AngryEagle 9 months ago

Side note on a gunstreamer issue I just noticed with this video: I watched this on your gunstreamer channel page, but there wasn't an option to like the video on that page. I had to page through your video library in order to find the page where I could leave a like. Not a huge deal, but based on my experience just now I'm sure your "like count" isn't as high as it could be.

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AngryEagle 9 months ago

edit: I just sent a report to GunStreamer with a suggestion to add the ability to leave likes on home page videos.

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