Mr FNH 13 May 2019

S&W Bodyguard 380 Malfunctioning again Part Three

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In this video I rant about having two broken Bodyguard 380 pistols now after S&W CS has had one of my pistols for a month. I've had repeated jamming issues to the point that I've lost all confidence in S&W's Customer Service. Don't waste your money with these guys or you may be out of a gun for several months without any improvement at all.

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RobertM 3 months ago

Haha. Do not go with Ruger for autoloaders. I had one that was a complete failure and have seen too many others fail. If you want a Ruger stick with their revolvers and rifles. Try a Bersa Thunder .380. I don't shoot .380 but if I did this would be it.

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RobertM 3 months ago

The Smith Shield and M&P series are proven reliable pistols and their M&P Sport 2 ARs so not all their guns are failures. I wouldn't even look at their Sigma series pistols though.

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