Luke McCoy
Luke McCoy 02 Apr 2024

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S1E1: We're Back!!!

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In the inaugural episode of the USA Carry podcast, hosts Salvatore and Luke McCoy dive into the evolving world of concealed carry amidst a changing and often degrading world. They discuss the importance of staying informed about emerging threats, focusing on the concealed carrier community. The episode revisits the history of their previous podcast collaboration, CCX2, and introduces the new format and goals of the USA Carry podcast. Topics covered include the significance of carrying concealed in today's environment, the variety of firearms suitable for concealed carry, and the crucial role of medical gear and knowledge. The hosts also touch on the ideal gear for preparedness, including the importance of carrying a flashlight and a blade, emphasizing the blend of mindset, gear, and training for effective self-defense and preparedness.

The new USA Carry Podcast is now live! Tune in to insightful discussions on all things related to firearms, self-defense, and personal protection. You can catch the podcast on YouTube, Facebook and Rumble for a visual experience, or listen on your favorite podcast platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and more ( . Don't miss out on expert guests, practical tips, and engaging conversations "“ wherever you prefer to listen!

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