GunFreedomRadio 15 Nov 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP359 The Inaugural RECOIL NFT Auction with Chris Cheng

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Our guest today is Chris Cheng. Chris is a self-taught competitive shooter and tech guy who beat out 17 competitors to become History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion.
Chris is a techno-nerd, an Asian-American and openly gay – single-handedly breaking the stereotype of the “average” American gun owner and Second Amendment Advocate.
And, combining guns and tech, Chris recently created a groundbreaking NFT digital art auction along with RECOIL Magazine.
1) First of all, congratulations on your successful auction! How much did you raise and what organizations will benefit from the proceeds?
2) Second...what the heck is an NFT and how do you auction one off?
3) What lessons did you learn from this very first ever effort?
4) Do you have plans for another auction in the future?

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