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Alpha Koncepts 19 Oct 2021

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Self Defense Firearm Basics Webinar

In General

Understanding the basics of a self-defense firearm is important to both selecting the right firearm for you and your needs as well as how to safely use the firearm. In this recorded webinar, we spend most of the time discussing defensive handguns, however, we do also discuss long guns such as the AR15 and Shotguns as well.

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Firearm Safety 2:22
Clearing Handguns 10:00
Understanding a Handgun Action 13:26
Understanding Revolvers 16:24
Understanding Semi-Auto's 25:06
Understanding Magazines 38:49
What Handgun is Right for You? 44:41
Handgun Ammunition 1:03:36
Malfunctions 1:32:53
Intro to Home Defense Long-guns 1:37:00
Less-lethal Use of Force Options 1:48:00
Questions and Answers (and I get trolled) 1:59:15

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