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Semiautomatic Mechanism: The Newest Catch Phrase Of The Gun Control Movement?

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Semiautomatic Mechanism: The Newest Catch Phrase Of The Gun Control Movement?

This could be their "Next Big Thing" to target...

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gryphonz3 1 year ago

I'm speechless...the idiocy and fear mongering just baffles me. I live in Virginia, not far from the shooting, and this has been all we have seen on the news for over a week. Unfortunately our tyrannical Governor is calling a special session, to capitalize on the event, to address gun control next month. I am hoping the gun laws here do not change as we still have a free State (Commonwealth) here. The VB Chief of Police even said no gun laws would have stopped this crime. The fact that it was a Gun-Free zone DEFINITELY aided the shooter and made it impossible for anyone to have protected themselves. A local woman, who was killed, had considered taking a gun to work...because of this shooter...but decided against it due to policy. Another victim's family is trying to have an independent investigation done. I know a man who was there, when it happened, and his story is MUCH different than the "Feel Good" story the City put out through the media. This will be interesting to watch unfold...

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renxian 1 year ago

Unfortunately I think we are way past the point of no return. We are going to continue the slide to a Tyrannical Police State. I'm not convinced America is going to last long enough for me to die of old age.

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danrandle65 1 year ago

there getting crazyer by the day

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