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Gould Brothers 06 Apr 2020

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Share the Love ❤️ Challenge from Jerry Miculek: Jerry challenged us to participate in the Share the Love drill so we thought we would participate and put a little Gould Bro twist on it.

When it comes to speed shooting pistols, Jerry is lightning fast. There wouldn't be much to brag about if we went head to head speed shooting against Jerry, that is for sure. With millions of rounds fired, Jerry has earned his spot as a world-renowned pistol, revolver, and 3 gun competitor.

As for us, we are the trick shot guys! We never have been true competition guys, unless that competition has to do with trick shots"¦lol Of course, Aaron and I do like to compete against each other in all sorts of crazy ways.

In this challenge we decided to shoot the STL challenge Annie Oakley style, using a mirror to aim our pistols. Talk about slow and awkward 😊

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Watch Jerry's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHMC5mgGVIE

👉👉👉 bit.ly/stlchallenge

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Now pull that trigger and shoot for your dreams,

The Gould Brothers

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