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Kentucky Ballistics 04 Jun 2016

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Shooting Cards With A 44 Magnum & .22 LR

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Today on Kentucky Ballistics we are playing some cards, but not in the traditional sense. We have ten decks of cards and each deck has fifty two cards inside. First we line all ten decks of cards up and see how many decks of cards a 44 Magnum will go through. How many do you think a 44 Magnum can power through? After our penetration test we try splitting some cards! First we split a card with a 44 Magnum and then to make it a little harder we split a card with a 22 LR! The guns used in this video are a Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum and a Ruger LCR 22 LR. The ammunition used in this video is Buffalo Bore 44 Magnum +P+ 340 gr. hardcasts, Magtech 240 gr. jacketed flat points and Federal AutoMatch Target 22 LR 40 gr. round nose. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video!

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