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Shooting Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine - The Ape Gun

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Shooting. This video uses fair use video clips from the TV series Planet of the Apes in a parody because the Hi-Point Carbine gained the nickname "the ape gun" due to its features resembling the gun originally used in Planet of the Apes movies and TV series. What the special effects crew did was take a US M1 Carbine out of its original wood stock and drop it in a specially contoured wood stock for the movies and TV series. Similarly some have referred to the US M3 submachine gun as "the grease gun" due to its features resembling a grease gun. Guns sometimes gain nicknames and some cases stereotypes due to their use, function, and resemblance to other guns or tools like Tommy gun, Chicago typewriter, trench broom, woodpecker, potato digger, or buzz saw.

I needed a cheap beater vehicle gun that would give me more range to 100 yards than a pop gun pistol. Cheap so I won't care so much if it gets stolen or impounded. I did a number of DIY fixes to make the gun better than what I got out of the box. I removed the stub rail under the fore stock so the stock was smoother for gripping as I have no intention of mounting any kind of attachment like a forward grip. I took the gun down which is a chore in itself to clean it and put a little better polish on the feed ramp. The trigger is really bad and there is no way to sugar coat it. The initial out of the box trigger pull was a heavy seven to eight pounds hard, sloppy, and gritty. The trigger reset is all the way out. I did a trigger job by removing the trigger link (held by a slave pin) and the sear link. I polished both of these without altering the angles of the links, then I packed in some gun grease on the friction contact points, wear areas, and on the links themselves and any other friction contact points such as the dual sear arms and the heavy pot metal slide bolt contact points. After the trigger clean up the pound pull was much lighter at around five pounds. Still some slop take up from the two link trigger but much smoother and a little cleaner breaking. It is still a bad trigger but not as bad as it came from the factory. I had to move the stock screw nuts to the other side of the stock to mount the sling swivels on the left side of the gun (it is factory configured only for the right side) and I had to remove some plastic material to get the front screw nut to bite the front swivel. I added a butt stock elastic cartridge sleeve and took out some threads on the elastic cartridge loops to hold my spare magazines. I noticed that rounds had a tendency to nose dive in the magazines so I put bends in the magazine springs to increase tension on the follower and then fully loaded the magazines so the springs would take a set. I am still debating whether I want to leave the recoil springs in the butt stock for recoil or remove them. On one hand the butt plate can pinch between the plate and stock and stock slap on the cheek but on the other hand without the springs the recoil is going to be hard unless the stock is held very tight in to the shoulder. For now I have left the recoil springs in. The recoil does not come from the cartridge recoil but from the heavy pot metal slide bolt moving back and forth as this is a blowback gun, not a recoil operated gun. The gun is heavy and weighs about six or seven pounds. It is what it is and for the price I am not complaining but I knew for that price I had work to do on it to make it better to shoot. I am not comfortable yet on the sights or the gun and it shows in the video. I have to slap a mag in every time or it may fail to lock in. Over 140 rounds now with only one failure to feed (a round wedged from the mag to top of the chamber face) due to break in of the mags and extra spring tension. I had sight adjustment out of the box to get it zeroed at 40 yards and I lost the full target footage so I included a snapshot photo of the first three shots on the target that I still had. The 40 yard shooting footage picture frame is on an angle as I did not have the camera level. The sights sit high above the bore so I had sight correction to do at 100 yards of holding low on the target. The gun has a tendency to shoot high. It is cheap, reliable, and accurate so I can't complain for a $250 gun.

Fair Use: Any images, audio, or video clips, etc. that might be used are done for the purpose of illustrating a point for documentary, educational, parody, or all of those purposes.

Please shoot safely and remember the four rules of gun safety.

1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
4. Know your target and beyond.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 4 years ago

Very nice shooter. I’m not much on the 9mm carbine but can you beat a HiPoint? Looks like a great gun, thanks for sharing.

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RobertM 4 years ago

Yes you can beat a Hi-Point but not the price. Haha. Thanks for the comment.

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