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Gould Brothers 17 Jun 2021

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Shooting the New Bergara Rifles & CVA Muzzleloaders | Gould Brothers

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Shooting the New Bergara Rifles & CVA Muzzleloaders: Bergara/CVA invited us down to Texas to try out their new products for 2021. Despite it being a rainy day we had a blast getting to pull the trigger on new guns from Bergara and CVA.

Learn more about the products used in this video 👉 https://www.gouldbrothers.com/blog/

Bergara has a long history of making quality barrels but in 2015 Bergara started producing its Premier series and then the B-14 series of production rifles. Up until this point we hadn't had much trigger time with Bergara so it was a lot of fun shooting a bunch of free Federal ammo through them.

CVA has been making muzzleloaders for a long time and if you haven't shot a CVA recently, you haven't shot a CVA. CVA claims to be the most accurate break-action muzzleloaders ever made and when your ringing steel at 400 yards you think to yourself, that just may be true.

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