Gun_Sam 07 Sep 2019

Short Barrels: 9mm VS 38 Special Ep.7- Fort Scott TUI

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.38 Special VS 9mm short barrels episode 7, Fort Scott TUI ammunition. The 9mm is a 115 gr solid copper spun bullet and the .38 Special is a 81 gr+P solid copper spun bullet. The 9mm test gun is a Diamondback DB9 with a 3.00" barrel, and the .38 Special test gun is a Taurus 605 with a 2" barrel. Thanks to Marc C. for the donation of this ammunition and Ken S. for the donation of the Diamondback DB 9 pistol. Always appreciative of any channel help :)

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Remmag 6 months ago

What if you have 5 persons standing in a corridor ? Persons 1,2,3 and 5 are the bad guys, person number 4 is the one you're trying to save... with one single bullet you could easily headshot persons 1,2,3,5 while saving person 4, as demonstrated in your previous video about those TUIs. Awesome ammo :S

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Gun_Sam 6 months ago

Batarang bullet!

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