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SHOT Show 2019 GFR Interview with Kerry Slone of We The Female

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We caught up with Kerry Slone of We The Female at #SHOTShow 2019!
Kerry Slone is the Founder of We The Female, a non-profit organization created to both empower and provide personal security and firearm safety education to women.

Kerry is a wife, mother, and successful entrepreneur, with a diverse background in multiple business ventures, as well as being an accomplished public speaker.

As a Domestic Violence survivor, Kerry has championed a movement in Washington State to challenge its recently passed unconstitutional gun laws which seek to restrict its citizen's Second Amendment rights under the guise of public safety. Although she has only recently decided to become a visible spokesperson within the community, she has passionately worked at a grassroots level for several years, her determination to reach out and challenge governmental overreach, is quickly building momentum, as well as a growing online presence.

The Mission Statement of We The Female:

Our mission is to inspire American women to embrace and defend their Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through self-defense and security education.

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