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Airgun Detectives 28 Jan 2023

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SHOT SHOW 2023 (Part-5) Stoeger Airguns and Evanix "New Products for 2023" by Airgun Detectives

In General

This is Part-5 in a multi-series from Las Vegas Shot Show 2023. We provide a sneak preview of various airguns and related products for 2023. Part-5 covers Stoeger and Evanix. In the upcoming episodes, we will cover products from Hatsan, Kral Arms, Reximex, and Scout. #staytunedforairgundetectives
*Note all airgun demonstrations and displays are conducted in a safe environment, on a range, specifically designed for "Airguns"

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Stoeger XM1 Airgun, Scope, and Hand Pump Combo
Stoeger XM1 Airgun + Scope - .177 Caliber
Stoeger S4000-E Combo - .22 Caliber
Stoeger S6000-E Combo - .22 Caliber
Stoeger S4000-E Combo (Wood) .177 Caliber
Stoeger S3000-C Compact Airgun Combo - .177 Caliber
Stoeger XM1 Bullshark - .177 Caliber
Stoeger XM1 Bullshark - .22 Caliber
Stoeger S8000-E TAC Airgun Combo - .177
Lyman Trigger Gage
Lyman Shooting Bag
Lyman Match Bag and Jack
Splatterburst Targets

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