TheGunSnob 18 Mar 2020

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SIG P320 Magazines From ETS Group

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Today we are going to try out some P320 mags from ETS Group.

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TheGunSnob 1 year ago

*2nd UPDATE*
So after letting magazine sit fully loaded for a couple days it seems to now be functioning 100% correctly so thanks to ETS customer service for the good advice on how to address the issue and the quick response. Now that being said, would I carry these magazines? Probably not but they do make excellent range mags at an awesome price.

After contacting ETS Group about the issue they asked me to leave the mag loaded for a couple days to help “set the spring” so I will try that and see if it fixes the issue they were very fast to respond to my email and told me if that didn’t fix it to let them know. I will update this in the next couple days after I have given this a chance to work.

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