Gunguy2a 04 May 2019

Sig P365

In General

Sig p365 at the 25 yard marker. 1200 rounds through this one. Born Day June 30 2018.
The only issue I have is riding the slide so sometimes on the last round the sig p365 wont lock back on the last round.

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RobertM 7 months ago

Good enough for what its made for and 25 yards is getting out there for this little pistol. A short concealable defense pistol. I would not expect it to do much more past thirty yards. You shoot like me. Faster more rapid fire with the small compact and micro sub compact pistols since they are made for close defensive shooting. There will be no luxury of slow firing for better groups in defensive shooting. Bullet groups are good enough to get the job done. I heard it from a little birdie that the new Sig P365MS (manual safety) pistols will be more available to the "general" public (as opposed to the select public) around July. That is the one I am getting when its available. Thanks for sharing.

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Gunguy2a 7 months ago

Thanks a lot. I never shoot pistols beyond 10-15 yards so I wanted to see how it would look at the 25. And like you said this pistol isnt really for a 25 yard shot but knowing that it can put shots where I want them makes me more confident. I had 2 flyers out of the 32 shots . Every round has a lawyer attached to it. Thanks for the feedback.

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