harrysholsters 13 Jul 2019

Sig P365XL: 1000 Rounds - Sig Fails Again?

In General

The Sig P365 was released with a turbulent start having multiple issues in with reliability and parts breakages from immediately. Despite the issues the gun's popularity soured as a concealed carry weapon due to the favorable capacity to size ratio. After doing multiple videos on the Sig P365 where reliability issues and a critical part breakage occurred I decided it was time to take a break from the P365.

As a big fan of the size of the Glock 48 and miniaturized red dots mounted on handguns the Sig P365XL was interesting enough to convince me to give the Sig P365 another chance. Sig took a lot of hate due to the Sig P365 problems and using customers as beta testers giving me the hope that this time around they had put more effort into insuring reliability at the release.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case at least with a wider variety of ammo. The gun seems to work okay(still not 100%) with 115 grain ammo but seems to have multiple issues with 124 grain ammo when the gun get's hot. For this reason unfortunately the P365XL will not be replacing my Glock 48 as my summer carry gun.


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