RogerRevo 28 May 2018

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Steel Side Match 2018-05-27 Spinner

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Steel Side Match 2018-05-27 Spinner

go to 0:10 to see Roger shoot
go to 1:07 to see Steve shoot
go to 1:57 to see Shiloah shoot
go to 2:37 to see Adam shoot
go to 3:07 to see Pat shoot
go to 4:06 to see Don shoot
go to 4:24 to see Seth shoot
go to 5:12 to see Erik shoot
go to 6:45 to see Gene shoot
go to 7:37 to see James shoot

Times for Steel side match 05-27-2018

Name Time
Shiloah 14:58
Pat 16:49
Adam 17:00
Steve 18:65
Don 22:57
Seth 26:21
James 30:71
Roger 34:93
Gene 35:30
Erik 44:26

Having fun with reloading, bullet casting, and shooting.
A family channel.
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High Desert Drew
High Desert Drew 2 years ago

Pat ran that one like a boss.

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