Mountaineer Marksman
Mountaineer Marksman 29 Dec 2019

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Steyr AUG vs. FN Ps90: Bullpup Kings & Debauchery

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Shoot鈥檈m, Clean鈥檈m, GORN鈥檈m
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A round of applause for NEPA putting out the Tire Fire 馃敟 quickly. NYC piss and vinegar!

Ps90 wins today but only because the fking Tapco Mag failed, pushed a bullet inside the case upon chambering, caught it, went to remove it and powder spilled all through the action of the Steyr. Fook you Tapco. Goal of today was to see what AR mags fit and fed reliably in the AUG. The answer is in the video.

Looks of fun in this video, blink and you just might miss a few things馃憤馃憤馃嚭馃嚫

Walter Davis, always a please. Cody馃憡

#AUGvsPs90 #Batman

Having fun, filming 2nd - Mountaineer Marksman. I shoot, I clean and then #GORNdaySunday (TM)

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