werunguns 16 Nov 2018

Strategies for Long-Term Gun Rights

In General

Disclaimers: I am a member of the NRA, GOA (life member), FPC, and Florida Carry.

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Table of Contents:
0:13 Objective of Video/Preface
1:25 Introduction
3:10 Understanding Voter Psychology
4:38 Voting Strategies
7:13 Increasing Voter Turnout
8:15 Changing Public Opinion
8:40 Legislator Perception of Public Opinion
9:10 National Pro-Gun organizations (NRA, GOA, FPC)
12:02 State and Local Pro Gun Organizations (Florida Carry)
12:40 Gun Control Organizations
13:05 Gun Owners Working Together
13:30 Questions for YOU!

The purpose of this video is explore peaceful strategies for reclaiming legal gun rights for the responsible law-abiding citizen.

Responsible law-abiding citizens should have the legal right to own firearms. In the United States, this right has been steadily eroding since 1934 with the passing of The National Firearms Act. Since then, further restrictions over the proceeding decades have managed to chip away at this right. This restricting legislation has fluctuated in intensity throughout the local, state and federal level with no significant improvement in public safety. These laws continue to burden the responsible law-abiding gun owner, in many cases calling for seizure or destruction of private property with no intention of reimbursement. The political term "compromise" used in the context of "The Gun Debate" typically means that law abiding gun owners should give up more rights in exchange for nothing. These "compromises" include higher fees, excessive wait times, more "gun free" zones, outlawing cosmetic features of firearms, continuously reducing the legal capacity of magazines and the constant threat of confiscation.

Questions to Explore:

Should Pro-Gun advocates join the NRA? Do they compromise too much or do they understand the complex relationship of public opinion, public emotion and lawmaking?

Should you vote for "common sense" gun control candidates (C) over anti-gun candidates (F)? Is teaching the compromising candidate a lesson by writing in a vote and giving the victory to the anti-gun candidate worth the consequences? (permanent damage and a paradigm shift in public opinion by being more comfortable living under anti-gun legislation).

What is the best strategy for uniting the gun community in seeking better legislation? We all want the same goal. One strategy may be best for reaching that goal. We need to find a consensus for what that strategy is so that we can all push it together.

How does one sway public opinion to favor less gun control and more pro-gun legislation?

How does one combat the major media companies who spread misinformation and pose an anti-gun agenda?

How do we reduce mass shootings? As a community we need to take action before someone else does. These events catalyze anti-gun legislation.

How do we alleviate the concerns of non-gun owners while preserving our rights?

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