LeverGuns50 06 Jul 2019

Sub MOA 348 loads for the 71 Winchester lever action

In General

Coming up with a good target / hunting load, For The model 71 Winchester in 348 caliber, using a receiver mounted Williams Peepsight, using Varget Power and 200 grain flat point bullets, The model 71 Winchester is a modernized version of the 1886, it originally came out about 1935 and it was later discontinued about 1957, but in recent years Browning and Winchester have both brought out limited runs, The 348 is America's only 34 caliber cartridge, and was originally called 34WCF, but before it came out they change the name to three digits that was becoming popular like the 270 in the 308 etc. The model 71 Winchester is considered one of the Best Lever actions ever made

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