Suppressed Nation
Suppressed Nation 23 Jun 2018

Suppressed Nation Saturday girls edition

In General

The young ladies here at Suppressed Nation wanted their own range day with the rimfire suppressors. Well today the rain finally let up and turned in to that perfect opportunity. we broke out a multitude of host including the Savage fvsr, mossberg 715p, TBA Ruger 10/22, s&w 22compact and Walther P22. Suppressors were DeadAir Mask, CGS Hydra, Energetic Armament NYX mod2, Silencer Co Osprey Micro, TBA Peacemaker, PTP Scout mini, Huntertown Chameleon and the Davinci Arms Bambino.

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youtubesux 1 year ago

Can’t be good for the cows eating all that lead

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Suppressed Nation
Suppressed Nation 1 year ago

Cows definitely won't see anyou ofor these bales

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