GunFreedomRadio 22 Dec 2021

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GunFreedomRadio EP357 2021 She Never Quit Event with Deb Ferns

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Our guest today is Deb Ferns. Deb is the Founder of both Women’s Outdoor Media Association and the She Never Quit Event. The SNQ is an annual charity event that fosters community and leadership encouraging and promoting women who are, and who want to become, active in the shooting sports, archery, fishing, and hunting through social and mass media.
The 2021 SNQ brought together women of every skill level from all across the nation to enjoy camaraderie and the outdoor sports in a safe and fun environment with world-class trainers.
1) As an attendee I can enthusiastically say Congratulations on a hugely successful event! Tell us about it.
2) We had the opportunity to interview several of your Board Members and attendees. One of the attendees had come back for her second year and she used the word “transformative”. For people who haven’t been to one of your events, help them understand why that word is so perfect.
3) Your trainers are world-class and your individual ranges and events are safe and because they are safe they are FUN! Talk to us about who your trainers were in 2021.
4) Talk to us about who does attend, and who SHOULD attend.
5) The SNQ is a charity event. Who benefits from the proceeds?
6) When and where is the 2022 event?

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