LLOD 09 Jun 2018

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Tacoma (mini) Overland Trip - Geneva Creek, CO

In General

I had a tiny bit of footage from a (overlanding kinda, maybe, not really) trip over the weekend, so I decided to toss together a mini video of the mini trip. Took my Tacoma, my friend's just purchased 97 4runner, and my other friend's just purchased 18' Tacoma. It was a very easy (stock rig doable) trail, but also really beautiful. We ended up camping up at the top up high at about 11,500' of elevation, so there was still snow and it got pretty chilly at night.

I may try and do more legit filming/documentation of future trips, but no promises.

Overlanding in a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad.

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Custom BAMF Grille - http://bit.ly/2njGWOP
Multicam Vinyl - http://bit.ly/2DDVYpQ


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