2aEdu 25 Jul 2019

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Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol Shooting : Independence Aluminum Case Ammo With 12 Rd OEM Mag

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A shooting video of me testing Speer Independence aluminum cased 115 gr FMJ through the OEM 12 round magazine. More shooting videos with the G2C coming soon.

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RobertM 2 years ago

That Federal Independence is Israeli made. Its hot stuff. I have shot a lot of it 5.56 in my ARs. We know 5.56 is like .223 +P ammo a little hotter than standard .223 but this stuff is like a 5.56 +P so its a hot 5.56. I have not shot it 9mm in my G2c but I have shot standard Federal aluminum cased with no problems. I have not had one single problem with my G2c after over 600 rounds of various ammo so that is an outstanding track record for a $200 pistol. I try to stay away from the +P hot stuff as its not good to run that stuff regularly in a gun even if its rated for it. It will wear out a gun faster than standard ammo. Thanks for sharing.

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