switchpod 01 Aug 2020

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Taurus G3c, Is it better than the G2c?

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Is the Taurus G3c better than its predecessor the G2c ? Well with the addition of front slide serrations, better sights that are compatible with Glock , and a far better trigger I would submit that the G3c Is absolutely a far better Pistol than the previous G2c.
It has been a long time since I have been this impressed with a pistol. My interest in it is not just limited to the cheaper price, but the better fit, finish and feel. the recoil is so tame that you can just rip off rounds and stay on target with little effort from the shooters perspective. It's very easy to carry due to its smaller size and with 13 rounds of 9mm it's difficult for people to argue that it would be a bad choice for daily carry.

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RobertM 1 year ago

Saw this video over on YouTube. You do good with the G3c. Good video. Well we can say the upgrades to the G3c are better than the G2c but the G2c is still a good pistol or it would not have sold as well as it has and the G2c is a little cheaper because it doesn't have those upgrades. If it wasn't for the G2c then there would not be a G3c since that is where it comes from. The G2c probably accounts for lost sales of many other low budget priced pistols.

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switchpod 1 year ago

I can’t argue with anything you just said.

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