NicTaylor00 05 Apr 2019

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Taurus TX22 Fiber Front Sight Install

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After burning over 1000 rounds of 22 ammo in my new Taurus TX22, I've come to the realization that my point of impact is about six inches high at 25 yards. So I went to the Dawson Precision website and entered the spec of my TX-22 on the "Sight Match" link and the calculator spit out the suggested front sight height for my deviation.

I ordered one of the Glock front sights for my TX22 since the mounting method use in both the Glock and TX22 are very similar. Turns out the Glock front sight can be installed on your TX22 with just a few modifications to the sight itself. Please keep in mind that modifying a part like this voids the possibility of returning it.

So if you lost your front sight or you are not hitting at your point of aim, consider installing a Glock front sight from your favorite retailer.

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Wily 5 years ago

Very interesting, thanks for the video. If I didn't live where it is illegal to defend yourself with your fists, let alone a stick, I would be on my way to the gun store now. I will assume you know this but was just so keen to spitt lead to test your new site, you didn't feel it necessary to waste the time,. But I'm a little anal and had to mention there are two ways to accurately measure the height of the lug on your site with the caliper. I put a photo in your Bitchute video comment section to complete my OCD.

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