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Sarge C4 Defense 17 Jun 2018

Teaching Kids Gun Safety | M&P 22 CZ Scorpion | #youngguns

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This is Sarge here, and on behalf of C4 Defense, I want to wish everyone out there a Happy Father’s Day. My boys and I decided to shoot the first video (more to come) on teaching kids gun safety and how to shoot. You can never be too careful on the range, and you can never be too careful when teaching gun safety, especially to kids. Let’s teach the next generation of responsible gun owners the proper safety techniques early. Aidan goes over the Four Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety, as well as demonstrates them with a Smith @ Wesson M&P 22 Comlact and with a CZ Scorpion EBO 3 S1 9mm. I get a few shots off with my brand new Glkck 34 long slide 9mm too. And as always SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, and we’ll see you on the range.

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