Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 28 Feb 2024

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TEASER Part 2 Broad River Tactical CAR-15 SD

In General

Hey there folks! We had the privilege a while ago to look at the SD looking upper from Broad River Tactical. Today we get to check out their newest system. Their new system utilizes the same MP5 SD Sleeve and handguard but now has a functioning, suppressor ready, ported barrel. This barrel functions exactly like the "OG" MP5 SD. In addition the barrel is made to be compatible with CMMG's Radial Delayed Blowback BCG. All this combined and you get a modern spin on and MP5SD/AR9 Hybrid.
For the suppressors, we went with the 8" and 12" cans from HiTec Arms. These cans are user serviceable and will work on actual MP5SD's as well as these Broad River Tactical barrels.
Alright, I'm not sure if anyone even reads these descriptions so I am going to stop there. Lets just jump into the video and check it out...

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