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Patriot InTheDark 27 Sep 2018

The 2A #BlindChallenge GA #PatriotInTheDark

In General

The #BlindChallenge is my 2A Call to Action. Blind Challenge requirements are:
VR video- Must be blindfolded, use as much detail as you can to audibly describe The physical features and process of field stripping, disassembly, reassembly or features of firearms or 2A items.
Must include #PatriotInTheDark and #BlindChallenge
Include links to your videos in the comment section of the following video:
Share on all your social media platforms.
Those who do not make a VR- Please search out any videos with the hashtags and share them. Include in public play lists and link them in the comments of the following video:
* Remember to focus on the details *
A look at the #SecondAmendment, firearms, self Defense and Constitutionally protected rights from the perspective of a Blind American.
Twitter: @Patriot_ITD
Instagram: @Patriot_In_The_Dark

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Patriot InTheDark
Patriot InTheDark 1 year ago

As of November 5, we have 39 videos in the #BlindChallenge
I suspect that won’t last very long, so get your video in!

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