mannyCA 01 Dec 2019

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The Accurate Revolver - How to Ream Cylinder Throats

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Increase your revolver's accuracy with this one simple trick. Reaming out your revolver's cylinder throats to your bullet size can shrink your groups, improve your scores and make you miss less. Use this definitive guide as an instructional tool which applies to any caliber.

See how the Demoncrats rig elections and produce voter fraud. Thank God for Judicial Watch, they just confirmed all our fears! So, get out and vote often!

watch this video on our new sites:

Since the Google censors has deemed us a threat to their progressive leftist agenda they have severely limited our channel. Check out our bitchute, gunstreamer and thereloadersnetwork for our alternative posting sites when they perma-ban everything which is pro-Constitution.

Oh yeah, AND FUCK GOOGLE YOUTUBE, the authoritarians who promote p@dophilia and muzzy gang rapes.

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