Gun_Sam 10 Jun 2021

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The Argument is OVER! 馃挬9mm Does NOT and CANNOT Rival 馃挘.357 Magnum! (馃様Not Even Close馃槳)

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Buffalo Bore 124 gr 9mm+P+ VS Buffalo Bore 125 gr .357 Magnum! I hear quite a bit that "9mm rivals .357 Magnum". I hear it usually from new gun owners, from gun store employees or in general people who do not like revolvers and like to add falsehoods to their choice of caliber to feel better about their choice. The 9mm is a good cartridge, but it does not rival a .357 Magnum when both are loaded equally well. Today I am testing the ammo I mentioned in 10% Clear Ballistics with and without 1/4" MDF, as well as my Jug-or-Not box test, a watermelon test and a 25 yard accuracy test! Always appreciative of any channel help :)

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