DoubleTapShooting 26 Feb 2013

The "Banned" Assault Weapon Vs. The "Legal" Assault Weapon

In General

The differences between the legal "assault weapon" and the one they want to ban is just plain stupid. There is 100% NO DIFFERENCE in the operation of the two. What they are wanting to ban is all cosmetic and has NOTHING to do with operation. You add in the evil "high capacity magazine clips", which I prove in this video is pointless, and you have a bunch of "new laws" that will do nothing to "save lives", as the FBI's own report on the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban says, it had ZERO effect on gun violence, but does infringe on your 2nd Amendment Rights. Once we start down that road, which rights will they go after next? One that matters to you? Do you see any "common sense" in what they are proposing to ban?

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