HonestOutlaw 26 Nov 2019

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The Cheapest 1911 vs The Most Expensive 1911

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A comparison between the $400 Rock Island Armory 1911 vs the $3000 Wilson Combat 1911. The accuracy, reliability, features, and much more.

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stonewall6 4 years ago

I very grudgingly gave you a thumbs up on this one. I've had a double stack RIA .45 1911 for the last couple years, and I LOVE IT!!! I knew I wasn't getting $3000 material when I bought it. In the 1st place there was no way in 'heck's-half-acre" I was gonna spend $3000 for ANY 1911, and in the 2nd place, even if I was gonna spend high-end money for a 1911, I don't necessarily see this as a guarantee of flawless performance (my double stack Para-Ordnance 1911 is a great example of this.)
Between my RIA .45 1911 (@ just over $700) and my GLOCK 21 (@ about $656....and change), NO COMPLAINTS!! RIA & GLOCK do great work for a fraction of the price.

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JackBurton 4 years ago

I love my RIA 1911 9MM. It's a great gun to take to the range and have fun with. Never had a problem with it, but I am a budget minded guy. Don't need/want the latest/bestest/most expensive toys out there.

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riffraff 4 years ago

Hmm. I'm pretty sure any pistol in 9mm is NOT a 1911. Technically. Just sayin'.

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JackBurton 4 years ago

Technically, it is. Were you aware that when JMB was working on the prototype that later became the 1911 he was using a cartridge very similar to a 9MM. He switched to the .45 ACP to meet the Army specs.

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Ricsrag 4 years ago

Nice video need closed captions. Thanks

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