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InRange TV 11 Jan 2021

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The Free Market Solution

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For four years InRange has been at odds with the corporate oligarchy of the internet and for four years I've been told that the "free market" will provide. Let's discuss what that free market and what it would take to enact an actually free market solution in 2021 using the recent collapse of Parler as an example.

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guido 13 days ago

1st things first: thanx for raising a voice out there. then... I am really not sure if that is the right thing to do, as that's like a retreat without a fight. however as I was pissed for a good while by the behavior of the internet "giants" I did delete my google account, amazon and will do facebook/whatsapp. somewhere.... there has to be a line. based on the thought of "taking my business elsewhere (question would be where?)... I don't need their services with the cost of "fact"checkers (their facts but never the other way) threads on what vids are allowed at youtube and so on. not a fan either by all means but hope parler will get back diaspora or some place where more than one opinion/taste is allowed. am on patreon will share (somewhere else) the best I can. alas full didn't worked that great for me I prefer gunstreamer and surplused but everywhere but youtube. nice new world, isn't it. reckon that's what happens when getting a few big few dictators of any sort but many midlevel that keep their noses to their business.

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