17 Mar 2023

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THE Go-To Concealed Carry Drill #firearmtraining

In General

There are a few people who are considered legends in the Firearms world.

Sometimes mistakenly credited to other notable guys named Bill, the Bill Drill is named after Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat.

It's quite simple. Traditionally shot from 7 yards at a single target. The goal is to draw and fire 6 shots from a single magazine, all within the hit zone. An acceptable par time from 7 yards is 3 seconds with no misses. Although, with proper fundamentals, you can achieve times around the 2 second mark.

The Bill Drill is great at exposing a sub optimal grip. With a poor grip you may get acceptable times with draw to first shot, but you'll likely be seeing misses after the 2nd and 3rd shots.

Even though this drill has to do with recoil, you can still run it during your dry fire practice. In dry fire, you're still training your response to the signal, you're still working on establishing a good grip during your draw stroke, and you're still learning how to present the gun on target, and acquire your sights quickly.

Additionally, even in dry fire, you're training your vision and what sight picture and trigger press you need to remain accurate at a specific distance. Don't worry if you're using a striker fired gun in dry-fire. You obviously won't get a trigger reset after the striker releases, but just simulate 5 more trigger presses.

Practice the Bill Drill in dry fire, and then go out and start measuring your times in live fire.

You can download and print a variety of free targets any time you want here 👇

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