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Ghost Tactical 11 Feb 2021

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The Jarhead Podcast: My LIfe As A United States Marine

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The Jarhead Podcast: My LIfe As A Marine

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This week's episode of the #JarheadPodcast​ we answer questions and give you a little peek into my life as a United States Marine.

Check out some of the questions:

00:39 Intro and Welcome
02:44 Why did you join the Marine Corps?
07:20 What is a story from Boot Camp?
14:14 Where all did you serve?
18:28 What rank were you most proud of reaching?
19:23 What's a story that could ONLY happen in the military?
29:13 What was the Best/Worst MRE?
32:24 Where were the Best/Worst places you went?
33:22 What was your favorite weapon to shoot?
34:12 Who is your favorite Super Hero?
34:59 What was your first car?
35:46 If you could act out ANY movie character in real life, who would it be?
36:52 Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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