Gun_Sam 23 Sep 2019

The MOST POWERFUL .38 Special Round in the WORLD

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The Underwood .38 Special+P 158 gr hard cast Keith-Style semi-wadcutter. This round is rated at 1,250 FPS/548 ft lbs energy. I am testing it today in both a 4" and 2" barrel revolvers to see if it will meet that rated velocity, i'm also shooting through my ballistic box which is 4 layers of denim, followed by 1.75" of bologna, followed by 1/4" medium density fiber board, and into gallon jugs to catch the bullet. How will it perform? Special thanks to Marc C. for donating this ammunition. Always appreciative of any channel help :)

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Remmag 5 months ago

Will the old .38 ever stop amazing us ?
Anyway nice shootin' cowboy, that magic powder mix almost smokes like black powder... maybe it's black magic powder O_O

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Gun_Sam 5 months ago

It's a hot powder burning the base of the bullet.

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