NicTaylor00 27 Aug 2019

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The NicTaylor Follower for the Sig Mosquito & GSG FireFly

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Many folks have asked for a follower that adds capacity to the factory magazines for the Mosquito and FireFly 22LR pistols that lock the slide open on last shot fired. Up until now all that was available was our Shockbottle follower that does add 4 extra rounds, but did not lock the slide on an empty mag. That has all changed now. The NicTaylor follower for the Sig Sauer Mosquito and the its clone the German Sport Gunworks FireFly will now lock the slide open on last shot fired. Like many of the other followers from Taylor Tactical Supply, this follower locks the slide back by engaging the bolt face of the slide like an AR15 22 conversion magazine. It is recommended for the best performance to turn the magazine spring backwards in the mag tube to give the rear of the follower that extra kick to engage the slide. If you do not turn the spring backwards, the slide may not lock open.

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Mabrodrick 5 years ago

Hi nic Taylor, I had a question about the Gsg1911. I just bought it for my first pistol competitions and I have a weird issue. I can rack the slide to cock the hammer but I cannot manually cock it. When I shoot it chambers a new round fine but the slide cannot cock the hammer. Do you think you know whats wrong? Thanks!

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