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The NRA's Reaction to the Federal Bump Stock Ban

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The NRA's Reaction to the Federal Bump Stock Ban

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the_AR15_Junkie 2 years ago

What the NRA did by asking for this Bump Stock ban is far far worse than most people realize. This is what could happen. The GOA files their Bump Stock lawsuit and eventually loses, then you have “Case Law Precedent” as it being legal for the ATF to change rules at any time on anything gun related without having to go thru Congress. The NRA really screwed us royally. The NRA better hope the GOA lawsuit is successful or its game over with all things guns. Wayne Lapierre and Chris Cox should immediately resign.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 2 years ago

Ageed, this really could be the beginning of the end. One thing to remember they didn’t do this on their own. They were directed by Trump. Enough said.

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