TFBTV 21 Feb 2024

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The SPACE COWBOY Revolver Carbine! (By Austria Arms & Alfa Proj)

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In this episode of TFBTV, @JamesReeves is in Austria visiting world renowned gun store, Austria Arms @austriaarms2501 to have a look at their "Space Cowboy" revolver carbine. Although it doesn't have an official title yet, everyone has taken to calling this the "Space Cowboy" for obvious reasons. In spite of being a traditional revolver (made by Alfa Proj), this carbine adopts a futuristic, tactical style with its appearance and features. It includes a full-length M-Lok handguard with continuous optic rail, a skeletonized buttstock with cheek riser, enlarged controls, a muzzle brake, and more. Essentially, this clever design was created as a work-around for European gun laws - depending on the country, the Space Cowboy may be a relatively easy to purchase and license firearm because it is, indeed, a revolver. However, you still get nearly all of the benefits of a powerful semi-auto carbine - other than capacity, of course. James walks you through this interesting design.

Austria Arms on YouTube:

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