HonestOutlaw 07 Dec 2019

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The Top 5 Shooting Tips That Are Actually Bull$hit

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In this video we go over 5 tips about pistol shooting that are more myth or misinformation than actual fact.

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RobertM 8 months ago

Good video and you are spot on. I will say I was trained to balance in martial arts and from that stance is the way I go even for shooting. I want good balance and if I don't have it the odds are I am not going to make a good shot. So Weaver is as close to that Shaolin Lohan stance as it gets keeping me in balance leaning slightly forward and presenting as small of a target as possible. Actually I usually shoot more of a Chapman stance. Isosceles is none of that. Presenting a big target squared up and off balance (no leg bracing for balance) and making it harder to shoot on the move. It is far easier to push someone over backward in Isosceles than with Weaver. Balance in footwork is very important. Thanks for sharing.

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