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The Trump Video: An After Action Report

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The Trump Video: An After Action Report

That escalated quickly! Hope you can appreciate why I did the video!


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Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem 12 months ago

"Donald Trump Is The Most Anti Gun President In History"
Back in 2015 ida Bitch Slapped anyone for saying That but 1st he Banned Bump Stocks Then More Anti Gun shit ; the Hearing Protection Act is gone so Now i'm going Back to my previous 60 years of Not Voting cos Ain't nobody Worth my Vote,,, World is Full of Bloomberg's Obama's Clinton's & Even a Bush who I can't Really Say without someone saying I need a Tin Foil Hat but Still "Our Country needs a War to make money" So let's Create a Bad Guy to make War with by Crashing Plains into the Towers & Pentagon that "for One thing",,, News Cameras was @ the Pentagram Just after it happened & Wasn't no Jet Engine No Wing Damage just a Bush False Flag

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gryphonz3 12 months ago

I agree 100%. The Executive Order to ban bump stocks and a possible firearm confiscation "BEFORE" any judicial due process is bad policy. The bump stock ban has now created a precedent, that we all know, any future Executive Branch anti-gunner will use to their benefit. I have never agreed 100% with ANY politician, and President Trump is no exception. I can only hope that a friendly Appellate Court somewhere will correct these reckless actions.

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Shawnbothedestroyer 12 months ago

Sorry to those who the truth hurts. But Ronald McDonald Trump is a Fraud.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 12 months ago

I couldn’t agree more with your other video. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My number 1 issue for who I will vote for in 2020 is the candidate I feel is for Gun rights. Right now that sure ain’t Trump.

   2    1
geothom65 12 months ago

So who ya going to vote for Bernie.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 12 months ago

@geothom65: Lol, oh hell no!

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4271JHNSN 12 months ago

Keep up the good work G&G

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Bartolov1 12 months ago

Thank you for your commentary. For those who have cast this vitriol upon you and your statements need to remember this. Standing up for your principles against the tide shows integrity. Standing up for a politician just makes you another talking head.

Thank you again, sir, for your integrity.

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knucks 12 months ago

fuck Donald trump strait like that

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