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InRange TV 08 Nov 2019

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The Winchester Lever Action - 1848 to 1873

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The 44-40, or WCF, did indeed obtain speeds between 1,500-1,800FPS in 24" barrels, but not in 1873. That development occurred with the Winchester High Velocity loading that was put on the market ~1903.
The standard velocity of the 44-40 in its original, introduced blackpowder load was ~1350FPS.
My intention was to state that 44-40 eventually got to those powerful loads but the video itself implies that was the introduced velocity. Oops.

In this video we discuss the origins of the Winchester lever action rifle and the developmental changes from the 1860 Henry to the 1873 Winchester.

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Billt21 9 months ago

I like these videos and how the different developments change the dynamics of gun fighting. And how the civilian in 1873, was able to obtain a vastly superior firearm that what the Army got saddled with for the next twenty plus years in the 1873 Springfield. Good to see that you are continuing to diversify your distribution as I don’t think the youtube will allow this kind of content for much longer. Especially with the announcement of getting ride of non-commercially viable channels and your voluntary demonetization.

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