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Gear Report 25 Jan 2022

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This week at Gear Report - Episode 95 - 27jan2022

In General

Need emergency or survival gear?
Are you stocked up on emergency food?
Medical supplies

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This week:
- How was SHOT Show?
- Coolest productsd from SHOT Show?
- SHOT Show swag!
- What did we see at the AIM Expo motorcyle industry show?
- What did we do at Battlefield Vegas on the 22nd?

- Sponsorship opportunities for brands? Send inquiries to
- Gear Report used gear - When the reviews are done much of the gear is available for you to buy.
- Guitars -
- Guns - We list firearms with our official FFL, Quarter Horse Arms

Just arrived for review - SHOT giveaways
- Sunglasses
- magazine loaders

Guitar stuff

Most weeks we talk about:
- HMMWV info: Battlewagon 3 "“ M1165-A1 Humvee from the US Marine Corps
- Backpacking gear
- Guitar gear
- Guns and gear

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