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Full Lead Taco 10 May 2018

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Thutty Thutty 30-30 Casting, Loading, & Shooting 1871-1971 NRA Rifle

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Casting, Loading, and Shooting the NRA 1871-1971 commemoration rifle chambered in 30-30 using the NOE HTC310-173-FP bullet mold:
Be sure to use coupon code ' flt001 ' to save a few bucks on your NOE order!

This rifle came with the full length stock (like a musket) and also with the barrel ladder sight. The gun seems to shoot well, but the barrel heats up relatively quick due to the thinner profile. I love the length of the barrel though!

Music Used:
Campfire Song by Chris Haugenway
Way Out West by Chris Haugen

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reloader762 6 years ago

My favorite 30-30 is my Sav. 170B pump. My favorite loads are 7.0 grs. of Red Dot or 30 grs. of H-335 using a Arsenal clone of the Ranch Dog 170 gr. .311" FN bullets in both plain base and gas check versions powder coated.

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