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Time for a new IWB Holster, but lets talk about a couple I already have

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Time to actually buy an IWB holster for daily use that isnt purchased for Review purposes. I own quite a few holsters for many different roles, as well as many different firearms. But I dont have one that I purchased with the intention to use long term everyday.

IWB Holsters are not easy to pick. I am a gurthtacualr guy, so fit and comfort are very important. Beyond those points, I also need it to allow access when I need it no matter what position my body is in. There are tons of options on the market, all with their own flair. I have to decide which Holster is the one for me..

In this video I talk about the Pros and Cons of the Alien Gear Hybrid, as well as the N82 Holsters.. One shines in affordability and versatility, and the other shines in comfort and retention.

Alien Gear Holster:

N82 Tactical Holster

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