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Top 10 Best Deer Hunting Cartridges To Put Bambi in The Freezer

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The topic of deer hunting calibers has been hotly debated around tailgates, campfires, and skinning sheds for more than a century. Because there are about as many opinions as there are deer hunters, narrowing down the options to make a “best cartridge for deer” list was no easy task.

Whitetail deer live in diverse habitats. Whitetail deer hunters also use diverse hunting tactics. Rifle cartridges that work well from a big woods tree stand aren’t going to cut for a hunter sniping shots across acres of harvested corn.

But if you're looking for the top 10 best deer hunting cartridge to put Bambi in the freezer this fall, then you've found the right video! In this podcast, Chris and Dave take on the top 10 deer hunting rifle cartridges that are exceptional choices for your next deer hunting rifle and will get the job done.

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