HonestOutlaw 24 Dec 2019

Top 5 Best Guns Of 2019

In General

A list of the best guns of 2019, ranked by reliability, accuracy, speed, ease of use and price.

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Heini_Sauerkraut 2 months ago

the favourite gun I buyed 2019, in fact tho only gun I buyed this year, is my new Laugo Arms Alien 500. Accuracy is great, and the recoil impulse is unique, almost no flip up. I cant say much about reliability, because I got the gun 10 Days ago. Since I shot only ca. 200 rounds of several brands with no malfunktion . Ergonomics are also great. So speed and accuracy are great, but this comes for a price. This price is about 4600 €. But as a German I am limited in the number of handguns I can own (FU German gun laws!), so I choosed the best I can get, for the purpose I use the gun, which is competition.
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RobertM 2 months ago

Hard to beat those single action hammer pistols with clean breaking triggers. I can see how that double stack 1911 would make the top. I have the Taurus G2c that the G3 is built on and I cannot find fault in that pistol after over 600 rounds of various ammo. Its accurate and reliable despite all the Taurus haters out there. I can understand the quirkiness of the trigger being a SA/DA trigger for that second strike feature and its a trigger that can be gotten used to. The G3 has the Tenifer (nitrocarburized) coated slide that is more durable than the G2c carbon steel slide and the G3 has the better trigger and sights. Taurus has changed for the better and that is always good for any company. Wish I could say the same for some folks that cannot seem to change for the better. That is a good list. Thanks for sharing.

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KJH387 2 months ago

A Taurus and a (heavily modified) RIA, not what I would have guessed. It's a good list though.

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PharmDTLC 2 months ago

Stacatto C in my opinion shoots better than 3,4 and 5. Haven’t shot 1,2.

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