HonestOutlaw 13 Jan 2020

Top 5 Small 9mm Pistols

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The top five best small 9mm carry guns ranked by reliability, accuracy, features, speed and price. If you are trying to figure out which single stack handgun is right for you, this is the great place to start.

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RobertM 9 days ago

Yeah. My top two I was looking at when getting a more year round carry was the Shield and the 365. The 365 being a micro compact smaller than the Shield and a high capacity won out. The 365 will fit inside the palm of my hand and if I want inside a pants pocket. I can't do that with a Shield. The Shield also being a single stack. But the Shield would have been my second choice. The 365 also came standard with tritium night/day sights. BTW, I don't like flat faced triggers anymore than I like trigger safeties. Thanks for sharing.

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RobertM 9 days ago

The Springfield Hellcat is the 365's newest micro competition with one extra round on capacity but it does not have day/night sights and its $100 more so not worth it to me and I got my 365 before the Hellcat came out but I still would have gone with the 365 being less expensive and the better sights.

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RobertM 9 days ago

@RobertM: No problems with my 365 and it has over 600 rounds of various ammo through it. The striker drag does not affect function and if the hard nitrocarburized firing pin is heat treated right it will not break. However, the new 365XL has the non symetrical tip firing pin that eliminates striker drag and these may be made available for 365 owners.

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Awesome video 2Alifestyle

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