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Tactical Toolbox 20 Sep 2022

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Total NOOB Builds a Bolt Action Precision Rifle...

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I'm a total Noob and this is the most expensive Rifle I've Ever Built....This is my first experience with bolt action.

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Today we're talking about long range rifles and Bolt action Rifles. I don't know if it's the best long range rifle but we're going to learn together.

This is my first experience with bolt action rifles and long range shooting so follow along and watch me make some mistakes

This video was filmed on a bonified regulated "Outdoor Range" which is a Controlled Environment. There are no explanations or directions on how to perform any modifications. And is used with a non modified semi automatic firearm. Furthermore this video does not contain any links for Purchase, nor does it contain any discount codes, This video abides by the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines, and the YouTube Community Guidelines.

Affiliate disclaimer: some of the above links maybe affiliate links, which may generate me a sales commission. For example, my YouTube Gear listed above is in association with the Amazon affiliate program and I’m an amazon associate.. "

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